If you wish to have your article or design considered for a given month please follow the time line below:

  • Each month on the 13th we will publish one article
    • Articles are due for review 6 weeks prior to the publish date be considered or will be rolled over to the next month.
    • Designs for the articles are due 4 weeks prior to the publish date.
    • All markup and CSS is due 2 weeks prior to the publish date.
  • For example: the month of March 2009:
    • Publish date is 13 March 2009
    • Article submitted by 1 February 2009
    • Design submitted by 13 February 2009
    • Markup/CSS submitted by 1 March 2009

Article and Design Guidelines

The article and design guidelines are found on seperate pages. Please review them prior to contacting 13things about submitting an article or design.


Once you have reviewed the above guidelines please send an email to Please do not send articles or designs when making initial contact.